Summer Fashion

Ok I promise to go boutique shopping after July 4 weekend is over lol but since I haven’t blogged in forever and a day I just wanted to post two more things. One is my outfit I got from Love Culture and another is kind of an inspired July 4 makeup look (even though that’s totally not what I was going for until later my mom was like, “Oh Kim it reminds me of July 4 is that what you were going for?”) lol it actually wasn’t at all but that’s ok hah.

Anyway! This romper is from Love Culture! I love black and white and it was so affordable! Their rompers range anywhere from about $20-$40 so not too bad at all. I like adding one solid color to any black and white outfits so I chose red as an accent on my lips. If you can’t find mine I posted another below I like just as much (maybe even more?!) Adding it to my cart as we speak lol. It’s black, white, blue and coral and soo gorgeous for summer and price is $29.95. Check it out below for the pictures and just follow this link if you want to buy it.¬†

My shoes are Lulu’s and only $25! I like how these bad boys can go with anything and since they’re strappy sandals I love them for summer. They’re still on their website so find them here:¬†

Hopefully this gave people some cute ideas! Let me know if you guys like when I post the details to my fashion posts or give ideas!